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Outernet supporter - Grammy Outernet supporter - Grammy: #ImagineIf everyone in the world loved each other as this beautiful child loves her monkey. There would be World peace for all.
Mike Miklavic Mike Miklavic: #ImagineIf location boundaries didn't exist
Dani Álvarez Welters Dani Álvarez Welters: #ImagineIf information access were free to everyone, without privacy concerns
Ramon de Souza & Caiubi Ayalla Ramon de Souza & Caiubi Ayalla: #ImagineIf information were free for everyone.
Naomi Ackroyd Naomi Ackroyd: #ImagineIf we were like children and accepted others as they are.
kamran kamran: #ImagineIf Mohammad Mossadegh Symbole de la lutte pour l'indépendance politique et economique en Iran.
Fabio Leto Fabio Leto: #ImagineIf the power of the love!
John Fux, Outernet Supporter John Fux, Outernet Supporter: #ImagineIf Access To Uncensored Information Would Be Free To Everyone ?
João Paulo Alves Ferreira João Paulo Alves Ferreira: #ImagineIf politicians had the will to govern in the best interests of the country, rather than themselves. #brasilnocorruption
John and his young Outernet Supporters John and his young Outernet Supporters: #ImagineIf information was as open as our children's minds
John LaRocco John LaRocco: #ImagineIf You can lead a person to knowledge, but can you make them think?
Keri Holmes Rojas Supporter Keri Holmes Rojas Supporter: #ImagineIf Everyone had access to a free library
Robert S Robert S: #ImagineIf the entire world contributed to Wikipedia
Urs Max Urs Max: #ImagineIf Circumtances don't Matter....only my state of Being Matters.....!!!
aL aL: #ImagineIf information was accessible all the time to everyone from anywhere around the globe!
Kitty Kitty: #ImagineIf mom could see me, I will always love you wherever you are.
David Everatt David Everatt: #ImagineIf we were all free and equal.
Lim Song Huat Lim Song Huat: #ImagineIf To connect to everyone around the world and Galaxy.
Shaun Simmons Shaun Simmons: #ImagineIf Dad, I cherished every moment with you even though I was bad at showing it...I miss you every day. Love Always...
Felix Faassen Felix Faassen: #ImagineIf Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it
Davide Previsdomini Davide Previsdomini: #ImagineIf everyone could have same opportunities and same access to knowledge. That would unite the world!
James Kirby Nolan III James Kirby Nolan III: #ImagineIf information couldn't be censored
Clewisperry Clewisperry: #ImagineIf we actually cared about ourselves and others. let's change the world. Revolution is necessary! Free info is a start.
Du57mi73 Du57mi73: #ImagineIf humans could evolve past their differences
Franck Rochat Franck Rochat: #ImagineIf ALL the internet have to be free and uncensored for EVERYONE
Outernet Supporter Outernet Supporter: #ImagineIf information were free to everyone.
Cathy Pescevich Kreplin Cathy Pescevich Kreplin: #ImagineIf Carol Orff's "Carmina Burana" is an emotional kaleidoscope, a musical mosaic, an essential expression of human drama.
Ernie Hershey Ernie Hershey: #ImagineIf everyone could take the internet for granted
Outernet Supporter Outernet Supporter: #ImagineIf we can truly be equal as the human race and aspire to live fully as per our original design in sync with the universe
N.R. Stainton N.R. Stainton: #ImagineIf Imagine - Anyone could build a Nuke in their back yard or a pump for clean water. Suppose it's a personal thing though
Miketzl Miketzl: #ImagineIf Why are you a Triangle? /_\
Carlos A. Guerrero Carlos A. Guerrero: #ImagineIf I would like people have the ability to create work that captivates the eyes, minds and hearts of others
Fernando J Carbonel Fernando J Carbonel: #ImagineIf Hola
Adam Hallgat Adam Hallgat: #ImagineIf Reading makes you free - use it to your advantage
Jordet Jordet: #ImagineIf we could bring space travel down to Earth! #ET3 http://youtu.be/BAN0QWpx6x0
Pascal Pascal: #ImagineIf there was NO REASONS to NOT add value to the world — Pascal Andy
Sree Harsha Mamilla Sree Harsha Mamilla: #ImagineIf #Education #Top #Priority #Cheers #Outernet #Team #SreeHarsha #Pasyanthi
Chris Olsen Chris Olsen: #ImagineIf we were motivated by improving the world we live in instead of profit.
Intars Kocesevs Intars Kocesevs: #ImagineIf Socially-conscious art
Mathias Wilson Laustsen Mathias Wilson Laustsen: #ImagineIf everyone could get free data forever, everywhere.
Nikita Stafeev Nikita Stafeev: #ImagineIf everyone will be smart
Paulo De Lemos Marini Paulo De Lemos Marini: #ImagineIf we open source it all?
FS Moolman FS Moolman: #ImagineIf information were free for everyone!
Outernet Supporter Outernet Supporter: #ImagineIf everyone thought less of self and more of others, there will be enough for all
MaryAnne & Greg Robertson MaryAnne & Greg Robertson: #ImagineIf PEACE
RKO RKO: #ImagineIf they had but known
Peter Lawler Peter Lawler: #ImagineIf we all learned and taught each other something new every day.
Seth Feinberg Seth Feinberg: #ImagineIf the next Elon Musk thinks tending his families goats is his only option
Albert Herrera Albert Herrera: #ImagineIf we could fix this world
sovesove sovesove: #ImagineIf education were possible for everyone
Batyr Atamammedov Batyr Atamammedov: #ImagineIf you could teach millions of kids in Africa using Outernet
MyZoom MyZoom: #ImagineIf Everybody could see this collage
Outernet Supporter Outernet Supporter: #ImagineIf PeopleCouldAccessAllHumanKnowledge
Elliot G J Sumner Elliot G J Sumner: #ImagineIf intersystem relations were stable enough to allow safe wormholes which women could use at night without fear of attack
Christian Christian: #ImagineIf The World is so big. Our Lifes are so short. And we only have each other.
Raseef KT Raseef KT: #ImagineIf every student can avail the knowledge with one single CLICK !!
SYED JUNAID AHMED (scitech_india) SYED JUNAID AHMED (scitech_india): #ImagineIf a small USB/OTG device,easily fits in PC and smartphones to get outernet directly anywhere letus!http://is.gd/9kqTGa
Matt Thorns AKA TheThornZ Matt Thorns AKA TheThornZ: #ImagineIf If we embrace wisdom instead of ignorance, technology will free the mind of man not enslave it.
Jan H. Bleka Jan H. Bleka: #ImagineIf Knowledge to everybody!
Levon Z. Levon Z.: #ImagineIf dam u str8 babygurl
Naeem Marzu Naeem Marzu: #ImagineIf #Libya #Zintan #developer #Oracle #Naeem #Freedom #I_Do_Hate_lTT #Free #Download #I_Love_Outernet
Ludek ze Slavic Ludek ze Slavic: #ImagineIf Art, because art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
ZeitGeist Kyrgyzstan ZeitGeist Kyrgyzstan: #ImagineIf Resource Based Economy-The ZeitGeist Movement-Open Source is the way! It's time to Become the Change you want to See!
Adriano Adriano: #ImagineIf Go Outernet!
Radames Alvarado Radames Alvarado: #ImagineIf Humanity is one and must be communicated without borders or barriers...!
L Christer Andersson L Christer Andersson: #ImagineIf information were free for everyone
Pablito21 Pablito21: #ImagineIf We need a free internet world!!!我们需要一个没有防火墙的互联网。Un mundo libre y abierto depende de una internet libre y abierta
Redcloud Redcloud: #ImagineIf mankind reached its potential
Adam Goldman Adam Goldman: #ImagineIf the monetary system will be transcended to full cooperation ...
migrarib migrarib: #ImagineIf Diamond Cutter
UsyGamerz UsyGamerz: #ImagineIf Non fate la guerra,Fate l'amore!
Asif Ashik Asif Ashik: #ImagineIf Yolo so be productive
Luke Batt Luke Batt: #ImagineIf Love, Live, Learn & Have Fun! This information is amazing, all you need is a little time and a touch of motivation :)
volt volt: #ImagineIf the world was full of love, peace, and understanding, instead of hatred and ignorance.
Jesse Jesse: #ImagineIf _Everyone_Shared
Pravir Kumar Arya Pravir Kumar Arya: #ImagineIf every information about our history culture knowledge and research is accessible to every person on this earth
John Deschner John Deschner: #ImagineIf An ISIS foot soldier could read Slaughterhouse Five or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Alan Arqueza Alan Arqueza: #ImagineIf I believe advanced human civilizations light years from our galaxy are presently residing in intergalactic cities.
Ian Burch Ian Burch: #ImagineIf censorship was no more, and the power of knowledge was something everyone, regardless of status, can have.
Rama Godugunur Rama Godugunur: #ImagineIf there's no money, we'd all be rich.
Imran Hunzai Imran Hunzai: #ImagineIf information were free for everyone without any boundaries and censorship
Rachel Gottlieb Feinberg Rachel Gottlieb Feinberg: #ImagineIf we lived in a world without information deserts.
Alex Flanner Alex Flanner: #ImagineIf Governments couldn't tell lies.
Gigi Pieri Gigi Pieri: #ImagineIf Without education no better world is possible, we would be always slaves
Marco Marco: #ImagineIf Knowledge is power, and it should be shared...Hacking is not a crime! MarcoPorro.it
Giogran Giogran: #ImagineIf amazing happens
Vittorio Vittorio: #ImagineIf Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
Keegan Grant Agee Keegan Grant Agee: #ImagineIf #Odd Future #OFWGKTADGAF ~Keegan Agee - Georgetown Kentucky. #AgeeClub. Rofl. RIP Kenneth Newsome.
Drew Drew: #ImagineIf Life is too short... Do what you love.
Ronald Stephan Ronald Stephan: #ImagineIf it's possible to love a complete stranger.
Mohanad Elkhalifa Mohanad Elkhalifa: #ImagineIf every single person on earth can be connected to any one in a matter of seconds !!...
Pablo Arroyo Z. Pablo Arroyo Z.: #ImagineIf "The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. " Isaac Asimov
Sally Sally: #ImagineIf WeSimplyLovedOneAnother
Torgsyv Torgsyv: #ImagineIf everyone could live free
Seahawk Seahawk: #ImagineIf only this will work. Will the powers let it?
Nick Bachur Nick Bachur: #ImagineIf all the people were living life in true freedom.
Brandon Marvin Brandon Marvin: #ImagineIf Always be safe and responsible.
Ellin Grassick Ellin Grassick: #ImagineIf knowledge surrounded us - free as air - swift as light
Ryan Morris Ryan Morris: #ImagineIf Pursue higher education your entire life!
Francisco G Nobrega Francisco G Nobrega: #ImagineIf I WANT OUTERNET IN BRAZIL
Elan Perach Elan Perach: #ImagineIf everyone would do unto others as they would have them do unto themselves
Mikkel Gerdes Mikkel Gerdes: #ImagineIf Knowledge really was power....
Rumsan Rumsan: #ImagineIf we love everyone the way we love our close family.
Zblock Zblock: #ImagineIf For the Horde!!!
Razel Razel: #ImagineIf you knew everything
Gertjan Gertjan: #ImagineIf It's time to unite the world and live as one species!
Marco Marco: #ImagineIf next Albert Einstein will be able to study only in this library!
Operabilus Operabilus: #ImagineIf information were free for everyone
Branko Vukelic Branko Vukelic: #ImagineIf everyone knew how to shoot a good selfie...
Thane Richard Thane Richard: #ImagineIf all it took was a smartphone to receive a college education anywhere in the world?
Syed Karim Syed Karim: #ImagineIf there was a library in every village, every home, and every pocket--regardless of income, infrastructure, or geography
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